Mens Compression Shirt Shaper

$ 376 $ 897

Tummy Shaper - Tightening the waist  

 Stays Tucked - No more constant retucking

✅ Soft Fabric - Soft and stretchable

Back Correction - Help you stay away from hunchback

Invisible - Perfect to wear under our shirt

Color: Black
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After years of research we have managed to increase the elasticity and breathability of our fabric to improve your day-to-day life with a fiber that is also 100% breathable and comfortable.

This gives the garment the property of not wrinkling and an extraordinary elasticity in all directions.


Save time, and spend it on what you like most

This new generation of garments features a softer and lighter fabric, which further improves the anti-wrinkle performance of our products.

No more ironing. Just hang it after you wash it or wear it, and it'll be good as new.


We all sweat, but no one needs to notice. Our garments reduce visible sweat marks and are stretchy and breathable.

Each thread of our fabrics is made up of 47 continuous microfilaments that help to wick moisture away from the body and give us maximum breathability, thanks to 3D weaving, we generate air microchannels and achieve a more elastic fabric with greater freedom of movement.